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We are hiring for the 2024 Summer Camp season (June-August)!

Day Camp Collaborators (Counselors)
Tinkering School Day Camp is looking for a collaborator/maker/builder/listener/explorer to join us as a Counselor.  Our Counselors are people who are as comfortable with a chop saw as they are with cleaning skinned knees. As handy with a hot glue gun as they are with navigating the social emotional needs of nine-year-olds. As deft with developmental, social and play-based needs of an eleven-year-old as they are with an impact driver or sewing needle. Our Counselors can shape an environment that tilts us all towards engagement, but follows a child’s lead as they explore that environment.

Builder and Project Specialists
We are looking for a versatile builder who loves learning new things and sharing what they know. They should be able to function in the realms of both classical (working from plans) and jazz (improvisation with other creative minds). The key is the talent/skill to see a plan and idea and work with it to make it a reality. Spotting what is and isn’t possible and guiding others to a version of the solution that will work (rather than changing their idea to something new). We are as eager to talk to bombastic engineering students as we are to talk to woodworkers with 35 years of experience. We are interested in talking to builders from any discipline regardless of experience with children.

Candidates will say "That's me!" to any combination of the following skills:
- A shop master who can handle a chop saw and is comfortable guiding campers with impact drivers and more.
- A big games czar, with ideas about games that can engage eight- to twelve-year-olds side by side on a giant open field. Nothing builds bonds quite as fast as big games played with great sportsmanship,
- A storyteller. Starting the day, over lunch, end of day. Stories bring us together. Stories help kids focus long enough to eat their lunch. Stories teach and set examples. Stories make us a tribe.
- A provocations crafter.  Good projects tell us what they look like at the end, But the very best projects simply gets us excited to start.
- A listener. Some kids are shy and don’t usually get a lot of attention. You know how to find those kids, figure out what makes them tick, and can get them engaged.

- Punctual and Reliable.
- Incredibly flexible. Every plan is a starting place and subject to change.
- Experience working with kids ages eight to twelve - please specify your sweet spot.
- Experience with or a desire to teach in a setting that honors the free will and independence of children.

Schedule, Compensation, Benefits
Camp is for the 8 weeks between June 17 and Aug 11. Mon – Fri.
Must be available at least 6 of 8 weeks. 
Hourly wage commensurate with experience.

To Apply
Apply by following the link below, create an account, then complete our online application.

Upon review of your application, you will be contacted by a camp director to set up an interview. 

Questions? Email
We are accepting job applications and interviewing through April 1.

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