"Our daughter loves to work with her hands, and Tinkering School gave her the opportunity to build, create, and use her imagination to make her ideas come to life.  She had LOTS of outdoor time to just be a kid so she came home happy and tired.   I highly recommend Tinkering School for all kids that love to be hands-on!"
-Anne Hayes,  Chapel Hill


Ages 6 - 12

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Ages 2.5 - 8

Sun Star Farm Camp

Ages 5 - 14

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Summer Camps Apex, NC by Jordan Lake               

Learn how to make art with natural and sustainable materials - and be close to nature and hands-on with every step of the process! ​​​

  • Papermaking: Cotton paper with inclusions like leaves, flowers, grass, natural fibers. 
  • Handbuilding with local clay, firing in solar oven or open fire 
  • Collect natural pigments for paint and dye
  • Weaving: Simple looms and strips of recycled cloth
  • Fiber arts: wet felting and needle felting with sheep's wool
  • Foraging walks for possible materials
  • ..and of course, visit farm animals, play games, go creek stomping!

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What exactly do we do?  On any given week we may create a Rube Goldberg chain reaction machine and a fully functional obstacle course , complete with a balloon pit ...  sprawling city of cardboard, and a Godzilla monster that destroyed it ... a NASA-style space mission complete with launch tower, rocket and mission control ... even go-carts that really steer.  Our mission each week is to collaborate and use team work to build something bigger than ourselves.  Mixed in with some creek stomping and farm animal visits, you have the recipe for a super week!

 Organic Art Camp!  

  • Camp Hours 9:00am - 4:00pm
  • Extended Hours Available:  8am - 5:30pm
  • New for 2018:  more spots reserved for girls each week
  • Small groups - limited spots - please register early!
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