Summer Camps      
Apex, NC by Jordan Lake               

Covid-19 Update for 2020

  • We are implementing CDC guidelines and revised programming.  
  • Projects will be individually-based, rather than collaborative teamwork.
  • Please login to ultracamp for real-time availability.
  • ​We highly suggest getting on waitlists, as things change daily...

The CDC finally released the 'Field Guideline for Camps on Implementation of CDC Guidance' on 5/16 so thank you for your patience… 

General CDC & NC Dept of Human Health Guidelines...

Implementing these procedures will be our first priority:

  • Checking in campers and staff by temperature check (with touch-less thermometers)
  • Campers/counselors stay in small groups a.k.a "cohorting", and no co-mingling of people or items between groups.
  • Lots and lots of hand washing/sanitizing before and after activities throughout the day
  • Lots of systematic cleaning/sanitizing
  • Not sharing items between campers.
  • Activities and logistics planned with social distancing in mind.
  • Wearing a mask if social distancing is temporarily not possible (e.g. applying a band-aid or sunscreen, etc.)

We will email parents two weeks in advance of your child’s camp week with an exact checklist for you to follow to make it easy (i.e. what to bring/do/check-in process, etc.) 

Tinkering School NC Details - CDC & NC Dept of Human Health Guidelines...

If you’ve participated in Tinkering School NC in the past, then you know that our focus has been on collaboration and teamwork - side-by-side - to build something huge and wonderful.  To make it work this summer, we are going to do individually-based projects.  Of course, all kids love making their own stuff so we picture campers loving it.

In the past, we've had 15 campers with 3 counselors, however this summer I assume we'll end up closer to 10-12 campers.  This will be one of the smallest camp groups in the Triangle.  Lots of hand sanitizer, disinfectant wipes, and supervision to make sure everything goes according to plan.

Each camper will have their own storage area for their belongings and labelled tools and items.  We’ll have ample space and spread out our work areas.  We will build outdoors in the shade as much as possible.

We are going to use some other mediums for construction (think “adobe”), in addition to woodworking, that lend themselves to individual creativity and practical real-world application.  Picture an outdoor construction site, with individual work stations/areas.

We believe the end results will blow you away!

In the past, each week normally would end with “Power Hour' where parents and campers all participate together to deconstruct our group project.  

Instead of our traditional Power Hour, we’ll do a socially-distanced 'show and tell' so parents can see their child’s efforts…and take many pictures of their happy camper and creation.

Tinkering School NC is about the experience and learning of making and doing, rather than attachment/possession of your created item.  

The takeaway is awesome memories, learning, and cool pictures - just like all other previous years of Tinkering School NC.

Unless you have a heavy-duty pick up truck and a crane, there is an excellent chance that whatever your child creates will not make it home...  

Please just tell your child to show up with an open mind for building and fun!

It is our belief that children thrive being outdoors and being social, we look forward to helping make this summer as joyful and fun as possible, while also making it as safe as possible.   Thank you for entrusting your children to us.​

Please email if you have any questions...​​

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